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Tyler board and trains her clients out of her home located on a 10.5 acre horse farm. The dogs are housed inside her home which lends the training experience to “real-life application”. The dogs are happy in a normal living environments which keeps stress levels down and effectiveness of training high! Tyler only takes up to three (3) training dogs at a time so availability is limited. Freshman Potty Training 101- Board & Train two (2) weeks Did you just get a new puppy that is not potty trained? Having trouble getting your new puppy to notify you that they need to go outside? Then this option is great for you! 1. Average Price: $700.00 2. Includes: teaching the puppy to urinate and defecate outside on command, notify you that they need to go outside, schedule of when they typically need to potty, crate trained Sophomore Basic Obedience- Two (2) Weeks Board & Train Basic Obedience is crucial for every dog and family. Obedience helps bridge the language barrier between dog and human and builds a relationship of respect, boundaries, and fun. Clients looking for a basic understanding of commands and lifestyle for their dog choose this option. Clients pick their top (3) three obedience skills they want their dog to learn and that is the focus. 1. Average Price: $1,000.00 (Price may vary on a case by case basis) 2. Obedience Options Includes but is not limited to: basic understanding of the marker system, understanding of the definitions of “good” “no” and “wait”, release command, basic understanding of “sit” and “down”, socialization, impulse control, crate trained, walking on a leash, on leash recall, manners Junior Intermediate Obedience- One (1) Month Board & Train Intermediate Obedience develops a solid foundation for that puppy or dog. Clients find this option a “best bang for their buck” as it creates a more “polished product” at the end. This option is great for busy working families 1. Average Price: $1,800.00 (Price may vary on a case by case basis) 2. Includes: understanding of the marker system, understanding of the definitions of “good” “no” and “wait”, release command, “sit stay”, “down stay”, socialization, impulse control, crate trained, loose leash walking, off leash recall-enclosed area, on leash recall, manners, obedience under major distraction, “Place” command, social interaction, “Leave it” Add Ons: Remote Collar: (+) $250.00 to any obedience training package o Great option for those wanting off-leash control Long Leash Behavior Modification – Board & Train Behavior modification training is done to help create a more confident, balanced dog in their home. 1. Price: **to be determined on a case by case basis** o Resource Guarding o Aggression o Fear/anxiety o Separation anxiety Sport Training- Board & Train Are you wanting to participate or compete in a sport but you work full time and do not have the time to put the foundation on your dog? Then this options is a great one! 1. Price: **to be determined on a case by case basis** o IPO/Schutzhund Obedience and Tracking o French Ring Obedience o Search and Rescue Tracking o Competition Tracking In-Home Tutoring- *prices may vary* Original Consult (two hours) @ Owner home o Price: $150.00 Original Consult (two hours) @ Doggy Dorm o Price: $125.00 Follow up Sessions (1 hour) @ Owner home o Price: $100.00 Follow Up Sessions (1 hour) @ Doggy Dorm o Price: $80.00 Group Obedience Classes Group obedience (up to 6 students) at The Doggy Dorm: hands on tutoring during a six (6) week program o Price: $400.00 Includes:  Group socialization, obedience under distraction, basic obedience commands, dog learning theory, applied practice, etc.
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