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Tyler  Peabody: over 17 years dog training experience

She is the proud owner of a family of Belgian Malinois (Torro: French Ring II- retired, Looey: IGP 1- retired, Edit: IGP 2 - competing nationally & young Byron currently training in IGP ) and one rescue Chihuahua Mix(Donny), four horses (Turtle, Sully, Ellie, and Bubbles), and two cats (Addy and Cinco). She and her husband Daniel and daughter live on their 10.5 acre horse farm in Waleska, GA. Her hobbies include riding her horses, training her personal dogs for obedience/protection sports & competition,  and new to the running club. The Peabody's are a family of animal lovers, The Doggy Dorm is their lifestyle and passion.

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Tyler grew up a 3rd generation horsewoman and avid dog lover with no less than three dogs in the house at any time growing up. She was riding horses before she could walk, as she got older moving on to manage horse farms, summer camps, teach lessons, train horses and then currently a farm owner. Tyler has owned a variety of dogs in her lifetime ranging from small Dachshund mixes, Anatolian Shepherds, German Pinchers, good old fashion “mutts”, and Belgian Malinois. She is also the owner of Mirror Image Farm coaching horses and students in the discipline of Hunters/Jumpers. She has been teaching riding lessons since 2002.

Her love of animal training expanded in 2006 when Tyler became an active member of the Atlanta Working Dog Club which is a high-end training club that competes in the German sport of Schutzhund (IPO) and French Ring Sport on the national and international level. Tyler apprenticed and trained under club director and mentor Robert Leigh of Arete Canine & De Atlawor Kennels. She quickly became a coach in the club in 2010 and is the Treasurer & Membership Director. She has titled her handler/owner/trained dogs: C’Spot de Atlawor to the highest level and multiple Nationals competitor (CSAU, BH, IPO I-III) (retired), Freya de Atlawor to the highest level and multiple Nationals competitor (CSAU, BH, IPO I-III), Torro: French Ring  (CSAU, Brevet, FR 1-2: retired), KaBlooey de Atlawor (IGP 2- retired) and Edit (BH, IGP 2 and competing at a National level).

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Love of Training

Tyler competes in the German sport of "Schutzhund" German for "protection dog" currently known/referred to as "IGP". The sport tests the dogs tracking, obedience and protection skills and evaluates if a dog has the appropriate traits and characteristics of a good working dog. It was developed in Germany in the early 1900's as a suitability test for German Shepherds but soon became the model for training and evaluating the five of the German protection breeds (Boxer, Dobermann, Giant Schnauzer, & Rottweiler). Though any breed can participate today the sport is dominated by the German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois. Dog owners and handlers participate in Schutzhund clubs as a group activity for training the dogs, and clubs sponsor trials to test the dogs and awards titles (you will see them as IPO or IGP titles). The best dogs can qualify to participate in National and International level championships.  

Tyler started training for the sport in 2006 when she got her first Malinois, Lily and has since titled 5 dogs in the sport. Yes, it became an addiction. Transitioning her training experience from horses to dogs was a very smooth transfer of skills that most dog trainers do not have. IGP is one of THE most demanding sports which arguably has the highest level of obedience (which is judged on the preciseness and correctness of the dogs position and performance of obedience commands along with how happy their attitude is plays a huge role in the scoring). She's competed with 3 different Malinois on the National level and has also titled multiple dogs in the sport of French Ring Sport (the French sport version of Schutzhund). 

IMG 3934Tyler & Edit IGP trainingCompetition and Training

Through competing and training all across the country Tyler has been exposed to and learned from the top trainers in the U.S. She is an active learner and is always pulling techniques from the most respected trainers she interacts with and seeks out on a regular basis.

Training any animal involves an open mind and yearning to understand them. Tyler brings 20+ years of equine management care/training experience, and 10+ years of dog training and management care to her business The Doggy Dorm.

She has handled the simple obedience puppy to the very aggressive dog, all while training the humans too. Her clients appreciate her ability to explain the dog psychology in terms they understand and the lifestyle strategies to create the perfect environment for the best dog. Her boarding clients appreciate her experience in caring for animals both big and small and her preventative approach to all situations.

Tyler & Edit National Championships


Tyler’s mission with all her dog training and boarding is simply “Leave It Better Than You Found It.” She believes in animal welfare and is deeply rooted in engaging her clients through empathy and understanding. Tyler is methodical in her methods, clear and concise. She is not a dog whisperer, yet more importantly she is a an animal communicator- bridging the gap between human and hound. 

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