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455 Bagwell Trl, Waleska GA 30183

(Convenient to Roswell, Alpharetta, Cobb, Woodstock, and Canton)



 All boarding dogs at The Doggy Dorm are housed in our Doggy Dorm Wing of our home. This lends to a very open and airy atmosphere that the dogs find relaxing. Our boarding room is incredibly full of light, cleaned daily, soothing music playing throughout the day.

As we say, “All the Hounds, Horses and Humans sleep under the same roof.”


Each dog is individually evaluated upon arrival using our energy neutral personal dogs to determine what play group they best fit into. Dogs are grouped together by likeminded personalities and play levels. (ie: playful young dogs go out together, older/smaller/ or more shy dogs go out together, anti-social dogs go out in their own area by themselves).

Our play yards are large and spacious for the dogs to have fun in, play and explore. Our dog clients feel comfortable because our yards feel like home to them with plenty of environmental stimulation!


The Boarding Options


Kennel Room : Price - $50.00/Per DAY/Per Dog 

4x4, 4x6 & 6x6 Kennel Room.  Family dogs stay together. Dogs that enjoy this option are not normally crated at home, physically need more space to walk around, elderly, or dogs that are anti-social with either people and/or dogs or that have crate anxiety.

Dogs go in their kennel room for meal times, midday siestas, when we leave the property, at night, or if the dog prefers to be in the room rather than outside; otherwise the dog is outside playing or enjoying the weather. Any additional dogs are $40.00/Per Day/Per Dog


Traditional Crate: Price - $35.00/Per Day/Per Dog

Dogs are crated in our secure airline plastic crates that are appropriately sized for each dog to have ample comfortable space. Dogs that enjoy this option are younger puppies/adolescents and dogs that are typically crated either at night or when their family leaves the home.  

Dogs go in their crate for meal times, midday siestas, when we leave the property, & at night; otherwise the dog is outside playing or enjoying the weather. 


Additional Dogs

Kennel Room: + $40.00/Per Day/Per Dog

Traditional Crate: $30/per day/per dog


Long Term Boarding Military Travel/Vacation/Health

We offer discounted boarding for boarding stays lasting longer than 20 days (Discount Price based on case-by-case basis)


** Our maximum capacity (around 15 dogs) is quickly reached during popular Holiday weeks and we typically sell out over a month in advance. This leaves our space and availability very limited. Non holiday dates are typically open for even short notice reservations**


Contact Us to Schedule Boarding: Email is best for reservation requests!


How are we different?

Clients bring their own food so that the dogs stay on their regular diet, no upset tummies!

Clients are allowed to bring their own bedding for the rooms or crates (smells like home feels like home)

We Text pictures and videos to dog parents upon request

Owner/Operator is a dog behaviorist and trainer of over 16 years of canine experience + a lifetime of animal care and grew up with horses. 

Staff are all experienced dog handlers

We NEVER charge extra for medications or special diets, extra potty time, or interaction time

Individualized care Home atmosphere lends to a less stressful stay Night checks and daily check ups

Limited amount of dogs accepted

We can handle anti-social dogs

No breed discrimination


 Experience the Difference

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